Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Jolly Roger Flags

Year 2 have been designing their own Jolly Roger flags. They looked at the different symbols surrounding the images and then made their own very intimidating flags.
The children drew their designs and then traced and transferred the designs onto polystyrene tiles, These tiles were then covered in inks and printed onto large, whole class flags. They had a great time!


Thursday, 22 November 2018

Investigating materials inspired by Charles Macintosh

😁 Year 2 have had a great time investigating which materials would be the most waterproof and cosy for Teddy to make a coat out of. The children went outside to experiment with different materials. Groups of children held the different materials tightly over teddy and then poured 1000ml of water the materials. The children then had to observe whether Teddy was dry or drenched (Word Of The Week).

Paper towel......

Drenched.... poor Teddy!

Sponge.... well it seemed O.K. until Miss Fortner showed the children a piece of sponge soaked over night..

Sponge soaked over night .....drenched!

How about a foil coat ?

Ooohhh! Dry !

A nylon coat?

Well why not .... Teddy stayed very dry and doesn't she look adorable!

Not too sure about the foil coat! It was waterproof but ... it ripped very easily.

And apparently not very warm ...hmmmm really needed some sleeves as well!

Cardboard was doing really well...until we soaked it overnight....it went a bit floppy and soggy!

Conclusion Teddy really loved the idea of a nylon coat. Waterproof, comfortable and warm.  😁

Children In Need

Year 2 really got into the theme of spots and dots this year and embraced the concept of Children In Need really well. Big thank you to all our parents for the additional donations of money for Children In Need.

Big wave for Children In Need!

A proud donation!

Another big wave  this time from 2F!

Pudsey's clearly gone to his head!

Thanks again for all your support!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

On Board A Pirate Ship - Using Senses

Year 2 have had an awesome time using their senses to explore what it would have been like living a s a pirate on board a ship. Shoes and socks off! right time to lie head to toe to experience sleeping like a pirate in the crews quarters- hot, stifling and plenty of cheesy feet! Now lets listen carefully to the sounds on board the ship - creaking masts, flapping sails, seagulls crying, heavy footsteps, snoring, the captain barking orders, raucous laughter and sea shanties sung heartily were all sounds they experienced whilst listening carefully with their eyes shut.

What would they taste on board the ship? In the beginning of their journey the food was good...fresh water, chicken, eggs, beef, milk and fresh vegetables but .... after a few weeks food stocks would dwindle and they would be left with hard tac biscuits, lemons to prevent deadly scurvy and grog...pirate beer (ginger beer for the children).

The children were not very impressed with the bland, tasteless hard tac and the acidic, sour lemons!
Ginger beer was hit and miss some loved the warm, spicy taste others were totally disgusted with the flavour!
They decided that perhaps life a s a pirate wasn't that great after all !