Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Can a material change it's shape?

Year 2 have been looking at different types of materials and asked themselves the question...Can a material change it'shape?
First of all they made predictions as a group by looking at a range of different objects made from different materials. Could these materials change their shape if they were ....squashed...bent....twisted or .....stretched? They createda fair test by keeping the materials the same and the type of forces they were to use.

Then the fun began!!!!!

Metal cans needed some serious force to change their shape! 

Results were recorded using a table

What can you do with a towel?

Shamir says you can twist it.

You can squash Blu tac.

Iusua says you can also squash a towel.

The results were building nicely.

Cor! You can definitely stretch a rubber band! Careful!!

Now what can i do with a paper straw?

The meatl pipe cleaner could really twista nd bend!

Sahrmake had great fun twisting and bending his metal paper clip.

"Nope!" says Ibrahim cant stretch a ruler!

Year 2's conclusion... some materials can definitely change there shape but it often depended on how much more you had to apply.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Tones of colour with pirate silhouettes

Year 2 have had a busy start to their art curriculum this year. They have identified primary colours and mixed secondary. This was followed by them using watercolours to create tones of colour. The children then used their newly acquired skills to create a tonal background for their pirate inspired final pieces.

The children cut silhouettes of pirate ships with billowing sails.

Cutting skills were really put to the test!

Tarandeep was very pleased with his design.

Imran had a very stormy sea!

Juveria added birds and clouds to her design.

Amaana's palm tree was rather super.

Jaydon's perseverance paid off!

Mubeen was really impressed with hie independent work.

The children all worked really hard to create their final pieces of which they were all really chuffed with!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Pirate adventures!

Year 2 had an amazing pirate adventure when Captain Burwash came to visit them. 

He brought with him some amazing artefacts!

The children thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with some of the pirate artefacts.

They helped Captain Burwash create a pirate flag for his new pirate ship ...well... one that he had stolen apparently!

Parents really enjoyed working alongside their children.

They helped them to create some fabulous flag designs.

It was a super day that helped them to enhance their understanding of pirates and the way they lived. A huge thank you to all parents who attended. We know the children had a great time!

Toning up

Year 2 have been looking at tones of colour in their art work. They used watercolours for the first time and small brushes to help them to create their tones of colour.

They were very careful applying the colours and worked hard to fade their colours using small amounts of paint and water.

Safaa produced some beautiful tones in her work.

Zayan concentrated really hard .

They gad examples of toned colours to refer to.

The whole class enjoyed experimenting freely with the colours they were given.

Once they have mastered toning with colours they will then use this skill to create silhouette painting with pirate ships and palm trees in their next lesson.