Monday, 11 March 2019

Time Team !

Year 2 have had a fabulous time working outdoors with one another learning about o'clock and half past the hour. We made a human clock using year 2 children and whiteboards. Israel was a marvellous minute hand and Omar was outstanding as our hour hand.

We looked at key times of the school day.

Questioning deepened the children's understanding as we made them justify their answers and solved problems using later than and earlier than.

We also looked at the placing of the clock hands for 12o'clock and the very important lunch time!

Unfortunately, it was time for lunch  so we now look forward to our next lesson using analogue time.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Reading with Jacob

Year 2 had a lovely time reading to Jacob. They found this a therepeutic and beneficial experience. Here are some of the benefits of reading to Jacob:

  1. Dogs are non-judgemental so children are less self-conscious
  2. Most children have a natural affinity and bond with dogs
  3. Children are allowed to improve their reading skills in a fun relaxed atmosphere
  4. Results show that it decreases stress over reading aloud in class
  5. It can enhance self-esteem, motivate speech and build confidence
As you can see, they had a wonderful time reading their books and teaching Jacob about VIPERS!


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Algorithms and Debugging

Year 2 have been learning how to move an on-screen character by creating an algorithm using text and icons. They worked brilliantly together to debug any codes and they even saved their work after self assessing their activity.

Once Upon a Time Home Projects

Year 2 have once again impressed us with their fantastic efforts in making their Once Upon a Time projects. To launch our new topic, we wanted to engage year 2 into the wonderful world of traditional tales...As you can see, they've created a range of art / DT projects using different mediums from a wide range of stories. These projects are now part of our interactive display board which will develop even further as we meet different characters through both traditional and twisted tales...