Friday, 14 June 2019

Year 2's Adventures At Brighouse!

On Thursday 6th June, year 2 made the long journey (according to the children - 25 minutes!) to Brighouse in Atherstone. The travelled there on a double decker coach, singing all way, spotting horses ,sheep and cows along the way.

Upon arrival they checked in and had a practise fire drill we also looked at how to cross country roads safely.

Clip boards in hand,  they set off to discover as many mini-beasts , plants and habitats that they could.

It was a long uphill walk...

Their first discovery (much caused much excitement) was - rabbit droppings which they had learnt about in a guided read session reading... 'Ant Meets The Queen'

The weather was superb and the countryside was truly beautiful.

Brambles were spotted in abundance along with bees happily buzzing around their flowers.

Ayahan was incredibly excited when he discovered an empty egg shell and the children had a great time predicting what may have hatched from the egg - chickens and possibly dragons!?

The children carefully ticked off their finds on their check lists.

And Mrs Davis insisted there was a troll under the bridge!

Much branch ducking was involved !

Snails were discovered ...and accidently trodden on ... whoops!!!!

The pond was a super find. A micro habitat filled with many different insects including electric blue dragonflies who zoomed around merrily much to the children's delight!

Trees galore!

The children had a fab time identifying the many leaves they discovered.

The thistle was very popular ...unless you accidently walked into it!

Daanyal was thrilled with his Dog Rose discovery.

2F posing merrily!

Giant Doc leaves.

Mrs Davis saved a beetle from inside Brighouse.

Finally the children sat back and relaxed and listened to the story of the Minpins read by Miss Fortner.

Home time!

And time for a snooze! It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Surviving In The Woods

Year 2 had a great time imagining they were lost in the wilderness and needed to build a shelter to protect their group from the elements.

Each group was given a standard issue survival kit consisting of plastic sheets, ropes, pegs and clips.

Working in teams of 12 they had to choose an appropriate site to begin constructing their shelters.

They were taught how to make simple knots and we discussed how they could work effectively in their teams.

The wind was against us at one point!

Once their shelters were complete they had to ensure everyone could fit in or under the shelters.

Their were plenty of natural materials the children could use to help them to build their shelters.

Tidy up time...folding sheets proved very interesting!

The children had a great time learning to work in teams and taking turns listening to one another's ideas. Well done year 2!

Eye! Eye!

During SATS week the children had a great time relaxing making clay dragon eyes. During their current topic...Once Upon  a Time the children followed the story of a golden egg ass it travelled around the land of Far Far Away. The children made many predictions as to what might hatch out of the egg. They guessed it may be a dragon based on the fact there was a reptiles tale peeking out from behind a mountain. They looked at images of various reptiles eyes and how to mould clay into different shapes and sizes.

I'm sure you will agree the results were pretty spectacular!!!